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Whether we want to believe it or not, everyone is looking at someone else to be an example for them. It’s not that they are going to mimic everything they see, but there is something about that person they are impressed with. It can be their mannerisms, or the way they talk, or how they dress. Everybody initially has somebody they model their lives after. But there comes a time they begin to blossom into what they are to do. This was made possible by them having someone to help them establish a good foundation. Saints, that’s why it’s important for us to live our faith for all to see, so they can learn there is a better way. It’s not about being loud and always letting people know you are a Christian. It’s your daily faith walk you want them to see. Through them observing you, they will see how you address and treat others with respect. How you are quick to encourage, and have compassion for those in need.  You get their  attention by being consistent in your actions. 

In 1 Timothy 1:12-17, Paul is sharing with Timothy about the gratitude he has for the Lord. Paul is making Timothy aware it’s Jesus Christ who has strengthened him to provide ministry. The Lord was able to see the potential in Paul, and had appointed him to the service of ministry to the Gentiles. This causes Paul to reflect on what he was prior to accepting Jesus Christ. He shares with Timothy, he was a blasphemer, a persecutor, and a man of violence. Why did he do this? To encourage Timothy, who was dealing with his own struggles. Paul wanted him to know the Lord had appointed him for the service he was providing. Timothy was feeling inadequate, but Paul was letting him know the Lord had given him the strength to do the work. Also, he was not to focus on his past mistakes, but move in the grace and mercy the Lord had given him. Paul was an example for Timothy to follow, and he could see the consistency in his faith and trust in the Lord. In good and bad times Paul was consistent, because he was moving forward through the grace and mercy of the Lord. He was reminding Timothy to move forward in faith, and the grace and mercy of the Lord would be with him. In essence Paul was letting Timothy know what the Lord will do in the life of a person who is willing to walk by faith.

You have a responsibility to live what you believe, because this will draw people to you. They will spend a lot of time looking at you before they approach. They are doing this, because they want to see if you are consistent. Once they see the consistency, they will approach you. Why, because they can see what they can be. Continue to walk in your blessings!