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Saints, have any of you been in a situation where you felt there was no way for things to get better? It’s not that you jumped to this conclusion. You assessed your surroundings and didn’t see anything around that could help. Therefore, you started wondering why did God lead me to a place where I can’t provide for my needs?  Then you began to process in your mind what was going on and you started thinking where is God? You could not fathom the idea of God taking you to a place of emptiness, and then leaving. However, this is how it appears, and you are struggling to maintain your faith. You are starting to feel abandoned by God, and you think you’re stuck. This is the time you have to dig deep and remember how the Lord brought you through before, and He will do it again. 

In Exodus 17:1-7 this is exactly what happens to the Israelites. The Lord led them to the wilderness of Sin, and they camped at Rephidim. As they assessed their surroundings they realized the entire area was arid. They could not believe the Lord lead them to a place where their basic needs could not be met. Then the people started complaining to Moses because there was no water to drink for them and their livestock. The people started thinking, that the Lord brought them out of Egypt to kill them. How could they get to the point of thinking the Lord was trying to kill them after what He brought them through?  Moses called on the Lord asking, “what shall I do for this people? They are almost ready to stone me”. The Lord told Moses I will be standing in front of you before the rock of Horeb. Moses was told to strike the rock, and water will come out of it. He did as the Lord instructed and water flowed from the rock. So the people had what they needed. 

I believe the reason they were led to this place was for them to see the power of the Lord. They had seen how the Lord freed them from the Egyptians, and how He parted the Red Sea. However, the Lord wanted them to know He is the provider of all their needs. If they put their trust in the Lord they will know there is nothing too hard for the Lord. 

Do you know, there is nothing to hard for the Lord? When things begin to get tough, you have to remember nothing is tougher than the Lord. Therefore, you will not complain to the Lord, but ask for His guidance, and thank Him for what He is going to do. Why, because nothing is too hard for the Lord! Continue to walk in your blessings.