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Since the pandemic, a number of people have gotten out of shape and you think I’m talking about physical activities. Well, not exactly, I’m talking about worshipping and praising God. Since many people have been watching the service via live web streaming, one of the things many are not doing is worshipping and praising God. I’m not making this statement to upset anyone, but how are you watching the service? Are you sitting in a chair and just taking it all in? If so, when are you worshipping and praising God during the service? I want you to remember serving the Lord takes effort, and you only get out what you put in. Initially, it was tough making the transition from being in service on Sunday, to watching it via live web streaming. During the early stages of the pandemic, you were looking forward to getting back to Church for services and Bible study. But as time passed, you became comfortable watching service at home. Now so much time has passed you have gotten out of shape because when you were coming to Church you were engaged in the service. Now you are just watching the service. 

The theme of Psalm 66 focuses on praise for God’s goodness. So, today our focus will be on the first five verses of this Psalm, and we are going to start getting back into spiritual shape by worshipping and praising God. In verse one we are instructed to do the following, “make a joyful noise to God”. I want you to know your joy in the Lord is not based on what is happening around you. It’s how the Lord has blessed you on the inside because your life changed once you were saved. The Lord has freed you from a life of sin, and what was done in you now comes out of you. Why, because you are now living for the Lord, and you make it known wherever you go how good He has been to you. Therefore, when you think about where He has brought you from, you can’t help but begin to make a joyful noise. You begin to sing glory to His name because you know all that He has done. In verse three the writer wants us to do the following, “say to God, ‘How awesome are your deeds!'” This is something you need to do because God is awesome and He has done more things for you than you can count. This alone will cause you to start worshipping and praising Him. Then you are told in verse five, “come and see what God has done: He is awesome in His deeds among mortals.” When you begin to look around and see all the Lord has done, you will not be able to contain yourself. The writer is making these statements because He wants us to know it’s time to release.

I want you to know when you begin to worship and praise God, you are released. Let me explain when you start to worship and praise God, you are allowing yourself to let go of what is going on in your life. You are telling the Lord nothing will get in my way in giving you my worship and praise. When you take this approach you are releasing yourself from whatever has been trying to weigh you down. Then the Lord will release from heaven the blessings He has in stored for you. Continue to walk in your blessings.