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There are times in life we feel we’ve been blindsided by situations and circumstances. When these things happen, we begin to wonder what have we done to cause it?  Then we become frustrated, angry, and begin to drop our heads, because we don’t understand. This is how David felt when he went the first time to retrieve the ark and bring it to the city of David. One of the servants touched the ark and God struck him down, and David was afraid to bring the ark to the city.  

For three months it was at Obed-edom’s house and he was blessed.  David was told how Obed-edom was blessed and made the second attempt to bring the ark to the city of David.  This time it was a success. Which gives us the understanding of Psalm 24:7-10, when David states “Lift up your heads, O gate!” When David saw the ark entering into the temple he realized, he could lift up his head. He also understood he was not the only one that was blindsided, and that was his reason for encouraging others to do the same. David was encouraged to make the second attempt to bring the ark when he realized God wants to bless His people when they do as they are instructed. They all needed to feel God’s presences.

If David allowed his fear to win he would not have tried a second time to bring the ark to the city, and Psalm 24 would not have been written. We have to learn like David, God has not given up on us, but wants us to do it the right way. When we do, we can lift up our heads, open the gates of our hearts, and let the King of glory come in. Then we can feel God’s presences, Hallelujah!