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For the first time at our Church we had a community garden, and we had a team plant various vegetables and fruit. Once everything was planted we had a team responsible for working and harvesting the garden. The garden was a success and the members and community benefited from all the hard work that was done.

This reminds me of John 4:35-42. These verses are the conclusion of the encounter Jesus had with the Samaritan women who came to draw water from the well at the hottest point of the day. After talking to Jesus this woman went back to the town to invite everybody to come to Him. When we pick up the story, Jesus was sharing with His disciples about the harvest being ripe. At that time many people from the town were coming to hear Jesus based on the testimony of the Samaritan women. The reason many people responded to the woman’s testimony, was because they could she how she was impacted by Jesus. After hearing Jesus speak they believed in Him through His words.

Now is the time for the people of God to go into the field and gather because it’s harvest time! The people we encounter are the field and are dealing with issues daily, and are looking for help to get them through. In essence the harvest is ripe, and we have to gather them with our testimonies about what the Lord has done for us. Once we share, it’s time to invite them to Church. We are inviting them to come and see the one who knows them better than they know themselves. And, is capable of turning around any situation in there lives, because that is what He did for us.