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In Romans 4:16-25, Paul talks about Abraham’s faith journey with the Lord. This journey would not have started if Abraham did not respond when the Lord told him to leave home (Genesis 12:1-9). I want you to know Abraham was 75 years old when the Lord called him and he did not have any children. One of the promises made to him was that he would be the father of many nations. Before you can become a father of many, you must have at least one child of your own. Oh, by the way his wife was just 9 years younger than him. Therefore, it would appear that Abraham was starting off with 3 strikes against him; he and his wife were old and childless.

But still, he believed the Lord and stepped out on faith. By believing the unbelievable, he was growing in his faith. There were some keys Paul identified about Abraham that were instrumental in him growing in faith. In verse 20 Abraham gave glory to God, because he realized it was nobody but God blessing him. In verse 21 he was fully convinced God would fulfill his promise.  When Abraham was 100 years old his son Isaac was born, and God did all He promised.

Are you growing in your faith? What helped Abraham grow was his ability to take the attention off himself and focus on God. You can start by giving God the glory for what He is doing in your life. Also you have to be fully convinced that God is able!  As you do these things you will start growing in your faith. Don’t allow yourself to listen to the noise of doubters, because Jesus came to make a difference. Since He made a difference in you, there is no question that you are a difference maker. Why, because you are growing in your faith in Jesus Christ.