Your Purpose Is Not Lost

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Imagine being in service worshipping God, but you feel you don’t understand your purpose. You attend service weekly seeking God’s direction but no path has been made clear. You listen to others talk about how God has given them direction to get involved in various ministries in the Church. However, you still feel no pull on your life by God. Can I make this statement without you getting upset? The problem is not God, it’s you.

            Now let me explain, what are you currently doing in the Church? Are you just attending waiting for God to do something miraculous, to make your purpose clear? The truth is God has already done something miraculous by saving you! You have to look at yourself and identify what you are passionate about. Once you identify your passion, find the ministry in the Church that is in line with it and get involved. The ministry you are looking at has some of the characteristics – but not all, God has been waiting on you because you’re the missing piece. Somebody is reading this and saying there is no ministry, well talk with your Pastor about starting a new one.

            Your purpose is not lost; the problem is that you have been looking in the wrong place. You have to stop looking at the external things, and look within yourself to find your purpose. So what are you waiting for?