I’m Filling My Cup!

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On Sunday’s Christians attend worship service at their local Church. On Wednesday’s they attend Bible study, on other night’s they come to Church for various meetings and rehearsals.  There are some Christians dealing with tension at home because they are spending so much time at Church. There also people looking at you and wondering why you are always going to Church.  David said it best in Psalm 122:1 ‘I was glad when they said to me “let us go to the house of The Lord!’”.

People don’t understand why you get excited about going to Church.  They don’t realize all the things The Lord has brought you through and how you have been shielded from dangers seen and unseen.  They don’t understand the process you went through in your life to arrive at this point.  This is why David made this statement in Psalm 122:1. He recognized it was nobody but God that took him from shepherd to King of Israel.  David understood whenever he went to the house of The Lord, his cup would be filled to over flow.

That is why you come to Church, so that The Lord will fill your cup to overflow.  Every day you go out into the world pouring what you received in your cup into the lives of those you interact with.  Every time you come to Church you are filling your cup to overflow, so that you can pour into the lives of others.  The next time somebody asked you why are you always going to Church you can response “I’m filling my cup”.