Don’t Give Up!

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Right now there is someone playing a piano hoping one day they will have the opportunity to showcase their talent. There is another, working in a restaurant kitchen, dreaming of the day they have a grand opening of their own place. There is a recent college graduate who just started working and who has a dream to become CEO of their own company. The list is endless when you think about all the dreams people have for themselves.

In reality, how many people are working to attain their dreams? How many people are constantly talking about their dreams but are standing still? How many people have stopped pursuing their dream because it did not work the first time?

Where do you see yourself in this process, are you working toward it, are you just talking about, or have you stopped? As Christians we have to remember Jesus never said it would be easy, but “He would be with us until the end of the age”. If it was easy to transition your dream to a reality everyone would do it. To make the transition will take hard work, disappointment along the way, and most of all perseverance. When God shows you a dream He will set the path, give you the strength and will make the way. However, the path will not always be smooth, in your mind you feel weak, and there are times you are not sure of the way.

Don’t give up my brother, don’t give up my sister. Look to Jesus Christ who is the dream that was translated into reality for us to be saved. When you look at John 3:16 this is the dream God has for the entire world. It was not easy for Jesus, but He did not give up! I want you to look at that person in the mirror and say, “Don’t give up”.