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540x293_20140217_e4ccb1d19d2e072ccb64eac7febef1bc_jpgIn the book of Esther we have the story of how she became queen by winning a beauty pageant.  The prior queen was dismissed from her position because she would not come to the king’s party.  The reality was that all the men were drunk at the party and the king wanted to show her off like a trophy.  She saw what was going on and refused to come.

The king’s officials gathered all the beautiful young virgins in the land, and out of all of the young ladies, Esther won the king’s heart.  However, she concealed that she was a Jew.  The king was convinced by one of his servants to establish a law to kill all the Jews in the land.  Mordecai, Esther’s cousin who raised her, found out about the plan to kill the Jews.  He wanted Esther to talk with the king to stop the plan of destruction from moving forward.  Esther was afraid to talk with the king because, he had not called her to come to him in 30 days.  If anyone comes before the king without being called, they could be immediately put to death. Unless the king holds out his golden specter, then that person will live.  Based on what could happen,  Esther did not want to go before the king. In Esther 4:14 Mordecai replied “Perhaps you have come to royal dignity for just such a time as this.”  Mordecai was letting her know it was not an accident she was in her  position. God had placed her there to use her, to save all the Jews in the land.  Esther had to come to the realization: she had the victory.  Let me explain with all the women vying to become the next queen,  Esther was the one that was chosen by the king.  She had to stop and think it was not by luck that she won, but it was God’s divine plan.

What are we afraid to do because there is a chance it won’t work?  Have we forgotten that we already have the victory?  We have to remember, we did not get to where we are by ourselves. In some cases it appeared the deck was stacked against us, in others we felt it was not a possibility.  But, what happened?  God gave us the victory.  Now is the time for us to take a chance because others will be healed, delivered, and set free!   Remember, we have the victory!