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maxresdefaultOne of the greatest miracles performed by The Lord in the Old Testament was the parting of the Red Sea.  Israel was at the shore and the Egyptian army was coming to kill them.  Moses prayed to The Lord and He parted the waters, dried the ground and the people walked across to the other side.  When all the people made it to the other side, the Egyptian army started across, but God stopped holding back the water and many of them drown in the Red Sea.  We read in Exodus 14:30 – 31 how The Lord saved Israel from the Egyptians.  That day they realized the great work The Lord had done for them.  From this situation, the people believed in The Lord and his servant Moses.  You would think after seeing the power of The Lord first hand, they would no longer have any doubts.

As Christians we can’t allow ourselves to forget what God has done for us.  We have seen for ourselves how The Lord has done the impossible, and allowed us to look back at the things that were trying to kill us. That in itself is enough to cause us to shout!  When we think about the great works The Lord has done for us, we can’t keep it to ourselves.  We have a responsibility to share it because The Lord wants to do great works for somebody else.