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In Exodus 17:8-13 Israel is faced with an obstacle because Amalek came to fight them.  Israel was not skilled in battle but had to prepare to fight in order to survive.  Moses instructed Joshua to choose some men to go into battle with him, and Moses will go stand on the top of the hill with the staff of God in his hand.  As Joshua lead the troops into battle Moses took Aaron and Hur with him to the top of the hill. When the battle began Moses lifted up his hands and Israel prevailed and when he lowered them,  Amalek prevailed.  Aaron and Hur realized that Moses needed some help, so they retrieved a stone for him to sit on and they held up his hands.  By the time the sun was setting, Israel had defeated Amalek.

This story reminds us we all need some help, you can’t make it by yourself.  Joshua needed the troops and Moses needed Aaron and Hur.  When I look at Moses in this situation, he understood victory was attainable if he kept his hands up.  However, he grew weary and was unable to keep them up. Thank God for Aaron and Hur being there to assist him.  This is Moses whom God used to free Israel from bondage and lead them over dry ground after God parted the Red Sea. No matter what you may have accomplished in the past in ministry, there will come a time you will need some help.  If you don’t take advantage of the help, then others will be impacted by your decision.

I know you are thinking since I have God, that’s all the help I need.  When Jesus began His public ministry, He selected twelve disciples.  Why? Because, He needed some help.  Jesus knew, His time was limited and the disciple would have the responsibility to take the Gospel to the world.  The Gospel has spread throughout the world, because Jesus had some help.  God wants you to grow your ministry, but you can’t do it by yourself.  You have to remember you have some help.