It’s On the Way!

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David wrote in Psalm 30:5 “Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning”.  He is letting us know we all deal with situations that will cause us to weep.  I find it interesting that he associated weeping with night.  When we are going through a rough time no matter how bright the day, we feel a darkness within us.  We have to make the effort to push through our weeping, if not it can overwhelm us.  Causing us to become depressed.  If this happens we will be no help to others or ourselves.

When we are going through these moments we have to lift up our heads and see that joy is already on the way.  David was using the morning as a metaphor to let the readers know you have to lift up your eyes to see the sunrise. The beauty of this verse is that David did not state what causes us to weep, so no matter what you are going through joy will come!  Also the morning brings a new day to encourage us not to get stuck in yesterday, but to embrace the blessings of today.  When this occurs, then we are able to have joy, because it’s on the way.

What is causing you to weep and think your situation will never get better?  I encourage you to lift up you head and call on the name of The Lord.  When you do, He will come to see about you and bring joy back into your life.  The Lord will also remind you, joy is on the way.  So, go ahead and give Him a new praise!