You Are Valuable!

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Worry is the one thing that many people do. It invades their lives and it does not care what race you are or your religious belief.  The reason we worry is because we are expecting the worse in a situation that has not yet materialized.  Jesus understood worry is something that can paralyze our spiritual growth. In Mathew 6:25 Jesus tells us not to worry, because of the negative impact it will have on our lives.  Especially during the Christmas season, people are worried about having enough money to buy all the gifts they want.    They purchase everything on their credit card.  Then they worry about paying the credit card bill they ran up buying all those gifts. If we are not careful, worry will overwhelm us to the point nothing we do will be enjoyable. That’s why Jesus tells us in Mathew 6:26 we are valuable to God, because if He takes care of the birds there is no doubt we will be taken care of.

That’s why I’m so excited about the advent season.  God sent His son to save the world because we are valuable to Him. When we come to the realization we are valuable to God then worrying will cease, but we will only accomplish this by doing as we are instructed in Mathew 6:33. When we seek first the kingdom of God then all our needs will be added to us.  So, I am encouraging you to seek God first and stop worrying because you are valuable to Him.