Don’t Hold Back!

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During the Christmas season people tend to be more liberal with their giving. They will purchase toys and bikes for children they don’t even know, because they want them to have a joyous Christmas. Also, people will go out of their way to help families in need. However, once Christmas is over the liberal giving ceases almost immediately and people go back to life as usual. What about us Christians, do we have a giving spirit during the Christmas season and when it’s over giving ceases? We should know that Jesus Christ is the greatest gift the world has received and He never stops giving. In John 3:16 we read about how much God loves the world and how He sent His Son to give us eternal life. In this verse we realize that God did not hold back His Son, but gave Him in order for all of us to be saved.

When we look at what Jesus Christ did for us, there were no restrictions, or specific qualification, accept for us to believe. That is why the people of God should not hold back from doing whatever we have been instructed to do. There are some who are holding back in their worship, others through their giving, others in their service and the list goes on.
If you know there is an area in your life that you are holding back, I am encouraging you right now to pray and ask God to help you. Your greatest blessing can be on hold because you are holding back on doing what God has instructed you! Today you are going to receive your breakthrough because you are going to look at that person in the mirror and tell them “don’t hold back”.