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On Thursday we will be celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The first thing most people are going to do is look under their Christmas trees to find the gifts addressed to them.  No one will have to tell them to check, because they expect to find a gift for themselves. However, on the night Jesus Christ was born an angel announced to the shepherds in the field the birth of our savior. The angel also informed them he is now in the city of David wrapped in bands of cloth lying in a manger.  Once the angel gave them this information (Luke 2:9-14) he disappeared.

Now, the decision is left up to the shepherds, should they go and see?There were a few obstacles to overcome.  They were looked down upon because they couldn’t maintain all the cleansing laws.  Also, there would be no one there  to protect the sheep if they left, which means their livelihood would be impacted if some were taken.  In the midst of these obstacles, still they saw the opportunity was greater.  So, they left and went to the city to find the baby wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger. When they found him, they made known what was told to them.  As they were leaving, they were glorifying and praising God for what they were told and what they saw for themselves.

Imagine if the the shepherds chose to stay in the fields with the sheep. They would’ve missed a great opportunity to realize they matter in sight of God.  That is what Christmas is all about, God is letting us know,  we matter to Him. It does not matter how the world views or has defined you, you still matter to God.  So, I encourage you to draw closer to Jesus and He will reveal to you just how much you matter to God.  Merry Christmas!