Who’s First?

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god firstIf we take a poll in Church asking people who’s first in their lives, I wonder what they would say? Some would say their spouses, others would say their children, while others would say their careers.  All of these responses sound good, but they are all blessings from The Lord.  Paul writes in Colossians 1:13-23 about the significance of keeping The Lord first.  In these verses Paul mentions how we were rescued from darkness, and brought back to the Father through the Son.  Jesus understood all He would have to endure in order to redeem us.  He made the ultimate sacrifice for us. What I’m saying is, He put us first.  He was mocked, lied on, and then crucified for us.  However, there are some days we wake up and go all day without acknowledging His presence in our lives.

I know sometimes you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do.  But, remember to check in with the One that is giving you the strength to do everything.  When you wake up in the morning, and open your eyes the first thing you should say is “thank you Lord for another day”.  Start your day by spending some time with The Lord through reading the Bible and praying. You will be amazed how your perspective will change by putting The Lord first in your day.  You might say I don’t have time, think about this?  Image when the Father asked the Son to save the world, if He had responded “I don’t have time”.