Do You Feel a Pulse?

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pulse2Jesus came to make a difference for the entire world. However, there are some who will not give Jesus an opportunity to make a difference. Then there are people in church that have been beat down by situations and circumstances, but are determined to be in God’s house. You also have people in church that are shouting, but many mistake their shout for help as praise. Whenever you approach someone that is unconscious, you check their vital signs to see if they are still alive. One of the vitals you check is their pulse, either from their wrist or neck. In Colossians 2:12-15 Paul lets us know we are alive with Jesus Christ through the power of God. Spiritually we were all dead in our trespasses against God, but He erased our sins from His records. This was all made possible through Jesus Christ taking the sin of the world to the cross.

Now that you are alive, do you feel a pulse? I’m not talking about checking your wrist or neck. Do you feel the spirit of God moving in your life? Do you see yourself worrying less and praying more? Do you find yourself reading more from the Bible, and you feel more convicted to do as The Word instructs you? These are all checks of your spiritual vital signs. Right now your health is improving. It is your responsibility to stay healthy, and don’t allow your past to cause your spiritual health to decline. Why? Because, God has erased the record of your past. Move forward each day by improving your spiritual health, by staying connect with God. As you do, you will always feel a pulse.