What is Stopping You?

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What would you think if you were walking behind a person that came to an abrupt halt? Immediately you would think they saw something that startled them, and you stopped as well wondering what did they see?  Once you get the courage to investigate you take a look for yourself, and there is a tree limb in front of them.  Now you are trying to understand, why did they stop rather than step over it, or pick it up and move it out of their way?   You ask them if they are okay and they respond “no, I can’t go forward because the tree limb is in my way”.  You respond by saying you can go around it, or step over it, or do you want me to help you move it?  Their response is “no, don’t do anything the tree limb should not have fallen in my path”.  You say okay and keep walking and when you look back they’re still in the same place.

I know this seems like a silly story, but what has happened in your life that you did not expect, that caused you to come to a complete halt?  It’s amazing how the little things that happen to you have the biggest impact.  When others see how you have been jolted by what has taken place and offer to help, you push them away and spend time pouting about what has happened.  You can’t allow the little things that happen  to win because if they do,  you won’t be able to accomplish the things God has called you to do.  You have to remember the enemy is good at his job and will do whatever he can to stop you  – right where you are.  So, I encourage you to seek God’s assistance and let Him know what you are struggling with.  When you do this you will see how God will make a way for you to get through, because He does not want anything to stop you from doing what you have been called to do!