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It’s time for the people of God to recognize their ability to be successful in what they have been called to do!  This statement may excite some who read it and change their perspective on how they view themselves. Where others will read it and have no reaction. Why would there be contrasting views of the people of God?  Does the contrast exist because some have not recognized their ability, or is it because they don’t know what they have been called to do?

I want you to understand God has placed a calling on your life and it is left up to you to recognize what it is.  Answering the call is the key to your success. You will find praise and worship to be more meaningful, serving God will not be burdensome, and how you interact with others will be more rewarding.  If you are not sure of your calling take time out every day to read your Bible and pray asking God for direction.  I am agreeing with you right now that God will make clear what you have been called to do.  Amen!