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In John 6:1-13 we have the story of how Jesus fed 5,000 people. The crowd was following Jesus because they saw how He healed the sick. When they saw Him leaving, the crowd was not far behind. As Jesus Went up the mountain, He stopped, turned around and sat down. As the large crowd was approaching Jesus and His disciples, He asked Philip “where are we to buy bread for all these people to eat?” The disciples knew  they did not have enough money to purchase food for the crowd. Andrew said to Jesus “there is a boy here with five barley loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many people?” Jesus was using this as an opportunity to show them;  whatever we have-it has value to God. Are we willing to give what we have?

Jesus instructed the disciples to have the crowd sit down, and there was a total of 5,000 people. He took the bread and fish and gave thanks. Then He had the disciples  pass out the food and there was enough for everybody. After the crowd was finished eating, Jesus had the disciples collect the leftovers. From the five barley loaves, they gathered up twelve baskets. Whatever we have to offer, give it to Jesus because it has value!

What are you holding back from Jesus, because you think it won’t make a difference? I need you to know it has value. In John 6, Andrew mentioned what the boy had, but he thought it was not enough. You may feel because you can’t write a check for a hundred dollars, your ten dollars won’t matter.  Yes it will. Or, you can’t donate shoes when the Church is having a shoe drive, but you can be involved in delivering them. I want you to know, what you have has value to Jesus. Don’t focus on what others are doing, just do your part and The Lord is going to use it. Your blessings comes through you trusting Jesus with what you have!