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This week I attended the International Pastors and Leaders Conference in Dallas, Texas, and I was truly blessed. I looked forward to attending because through the preaching and teaching, I’m putting myself in position to know, to grow, then go. Let me explain, anytime you put yourself in position to gain information, you are going to learn. The learning experience created an opportunity for me to know more about myself and my relationship with God. This allowed me to grow to become even more impactful in my ministry. By these two things happening,I can go forward in confidence realizing I can do all things through Jesus Christ. 

In Genesis 32:22-31 is the story of Jacob wrestling with a man until daybreak. Through this encounter, Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and he was blessed. He found himself in this situation because he was returning home with his family. Years earlier, he left home after deceiving his father Isaac by telling him he was Esau, and stole his brother’s blessing. Once Esau came to his father and found out what Jacob had done, he wanted to kill him. After twenty years, God instructed Jacob to return to the land of his family, and God said “I will be with you”. As Jacob is drawing near his homeland, he sends messengers ahead with gifts for Esau.  They returned saying Esau is coming to meet him with a company of four hundred men. Jacob thinks his brother is coming to kill him, and he has to find away to keep his family safe. He places  his servants  in front and he retreats back with his family. Then he sends his family across the stream and he is left alone. While he is alone a man comes and wrestles with Jacob, the wrestling lasts all night. Just before dawn the man is not able to prevail over Jacob. He strikes his hip and knocks it out of the socket. Still Jacob does not quit and the man says let me go, day is breaking. Jacob said, I won’t let go until you bless me. He blesses Jacob, then he lets him go. 

Through wrestling with the angel, Jacob  with has own shortcomings was struggling to believe God was going to be with him. By daybreak he came to understand and know God is blessing me, because He changed his name. He also experienced a growth spurt from this situation, and knew had to continue to go home. The one thing that happened to Jacob to ensure he could not runaway, was his hip was knocked out of socket. Therefore, he had no choice accept to face his fears of meeting his brother Esau. 


You must first know the Lord is able and will do just what He said. Then you will begin to grow in your ministry and do things you never imagine. Then God will direct you to go places to impact the lives of others as your life has been changed.