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When I look at the Church, I wonder, have we become complacent and do little work?  Or, do we still apply the great commission that is written in Matthew 28:16-20? The purpose of the Church is to make disciples, and teach them the Word of God. In order to make disciples we have to take the Gospel outside the walls of the Church. It’s good to receive God’s Word at Church, but what do we do once we have it? Jesus said in verse 18, “All authority in heaven and on earth have been given to me.” Since Jesus has all authority and we are His disciples we have everything we need. Then Jesus instructs His disciples to do the following; go make disciples of all nations, baptize them, and teach them to obey everything Jesus instructs. After Jesus gave all these instructions, He closes with this promise “remember I am with you always”. As His disciples wherever we go and whatever we are doing, He is right there with us.
Once you gave your life to Jesus,  the work begins. The beauty about the work you are doing, is that you are not doing it alone. Jesus is right there with you, guiding you through, as you minister to others. Why, because they are important to Him, just like you are. You have work to do, so get busy. Be blessed indeed!