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What concerns me with the people of God is when we don’t utilize all the resources at our disposal. The question is why? One of the biggest problems in the Church today is – who can we trust? We are afraid of how others will view us once our problems are shared. I am so glad this is not the approach that Paul took in 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5. Paul specifically asked the church to pray for him and his ministry team. This is significant because the Lord used him to establish the Church in this city. Now these same people, whom he shared the Gospel with, he is now asking them to pray for him. This is humility at it’s best. Paul is letting them know, he believes they have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, I’m asking you to pray for me, because we are one. Paul did not see them as people who were beneath him, but he saw them as his brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. That’s why he did not have any issues with asking them to pray for him.

Paul then shifts the focus to God and His relationship with the Thessalonians through Jesus Christ. He wants them to know the Lord is faithful and will never change in what He does for them. Also he wants them to be confident in their relationship with the Lord and continue doing His will. As they do, the Lord will direct their hearts because He loves them. All these things that Paul is sharing with them are the things he knows to be true for himself. Paul understood the difference the Lord has made in his life, and now he has to be a difference maker for others. This is what he is doing for the Thessalonians.

I am asking you, how do you feel about the place you worship? Do you feel like you are in a ministry that cares and nurtures your spiritual growth? Before you answer these questions, I have one more, are you engaged in the ministry of the Church? If you answered no, then you are incapable of giving an accurate answer to the first two questions. You have to see yourself taking part in the ministry. I challenge you to get involved and see how the Lord guides you, and before you know it you will be saying “we are one”! Be blessed.