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How do we arrive to the point where we can say, The Lord loves me?  Is it based on the material things we have accumulated?  Is it associated with the position we hold in the church?  If we think it is one of these, we are sadly mistaken. The Lord loves us because He created us from the dust of the earth and breathed life into us.  He wants the best for his children, but what do we want?  You would think since The Lord wants the best for us, why would we settle for less?  The reality is we think we know what’s best for ourselves; this is the beginning of our downfall. We get into trouble we can’t fix, wandering with no direction, surrounded by misery, thinking you are bound and can’t get out. When these things occur, we feel lost and rejected by The Lord because of the trouble we find ourselves in. It’s during these moments we come to the realization we need The Lord and we call out to Him. I’m thankful He hears our call and delivers us from our troubles.

That’s why it is stated in Psalm 107:2 “let the redeemed of The Lord, say so”.  The relationship we have with The Lord is awesome and we can’t keep it to ourselves. All of us know someone who would benefit in having a relationship with The Lord.  What is hindering you from letting them know they can also have a relationship with The Lord?  When they do, then they can say, “The Lord loves me!”