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This is the first Sunday of Advent, and we need to remember Jesus came to give. With all that He has given us, what have we given back to Him?  All of the blogs during the Advent season will focus on what Jesus came to give us. There is no way we can cover them all. However through reviewing some of them, it will remind us: Jesus is the reason for the season and this should motivate us to give of ourselves through our time, talents, and treasures.

What troubles us in our lives to the point where we allow the moment to become bigger than Jesus? We become so disorientated and confused that we are overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. This is exactly what happened to the disciples in Matthew 8:23-27. They followed Jesus onto the boat and once they were on the water, a storm came causing the boat to be overtaken by the wind and the waves. We have to remember a few of the disciples were experienced fishermen, and knew how to maneuver boats through storms. This particular storm was like none they had encountered before but while they were dealing with all of this,  Jesus was asleep on the boat.

Mind you they were on the boat because they followed Jesus. His disciples could not understand how Jesus could be at peace in the midst of the storm. Jesus was at peace because He would not allow the moment to overwhelm Him. This was the lesson He was teaching His disciples, but they could not see it. Why? When we forget our purpose, loose our focus, then fear will win. Once this happens panic sets in, but they did something that was important. They woke Jesus up and asked Him to save them. Then Jesus said to them “why are you afraid, you of little faith”?  They heard what He said but could not respond because fear was winning. Jesus could not allow the fear to overtake His disciples, so He stopped the wind and the waves. There was a dead calm, now Jesus could get the disciples attention and stop fear from winning.  They were amazed because they had not seen anyone have authority over wind and waves. Through what Jesus did for them on the boat, he was teaching them peace is available to all that follow Him.

What are you dealing with in your life that is overwhelming you? It appears that it has gotten bigger than Jesus. You have to be careful not to forget your purpose, and loose your focus. If this happens, then you will allow fear to win. Just as Jesus showed His disciples then, He is letting you know now; He has authority over everything! You have to remember when Jesus called you; He said follow Me, and you did. Therefore, He will never leave or forsake you, take time to pray and He will hear you. Why, because peace is available for you!