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In life we are told what we can and cannot do, and people will produce evidence to support it. With all we have been told we live our lives with boundaries.  Therefore, we have placed limits on what we can do and will not challenge the boundaries that others say exist.  If everyone lived by these limits; then neither open heart surgery or brain surgery would not have happened, we would not be able to travel on airplanes, have cellphones, computers, and the list goes on. The reason why these things are in the world today is because someone challenged the boundaries. Let’s go further, the reason why Christianity is throughout the entire world is because someone had to challenge the boundaries. This all came from a statement made In Luke 1:37 it says “For nothing will be impossible with God.” This is what the angel Gabriel told Mary, after telling her Elizabeth who was barren is now pregnant.  Even though Mary is a virgin,  she would be with child through the work of the Holy Spirit. The angel was letting Mary know then and us know today nothing is impossible with God!

As Christmas is just a few weeks away we ought to be excited about the birth of our savior, because nothing could keep Him from coming to redeem us. What are you going through that has you bound and looking down? I want you to look at how Jesus came into the world. His mother was pregnant even though she was a virgin, through the work of the Holy Spirit. This goes against the boundaries of how a woman can get pregnant, which tells me nothing is impossible with a God. I want you to look at the thing(s) you are dealing with and tell it; you are not impossible for my God to fix, so I claim the victory right now. You have to remind yourself nothing is impossible with God. Amen!


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