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One of the things I love about Christmas time is the various displays of lights.  We will see a display of lights on corporate buildings in downtown areas of our cities and towns. We will see how creative people are with decorating their homes with lights. In some cases people place their Christmas trees in the window, so that we can see the display of lights.  People are so excited about how others decorate their homes, they pay to go on tours to see the lights in their area.  Why are so many people involved with putting up the decoration of light?  Because, they want it to be known they are no longer living a life in darkness. This might not be true for all, but it is for those who love Jesus Christ.

In John 1:4-5, there are two references to the word light.  In verse 4 we read Jesus is the light to all people. Which tells me Jesus does not discriminate, He came to save the entire world.  In verse 5 we learn light shines in darkness and darkness is not able to overcome it.  Jesus did not want people in the world to continue to exist in darkness, that’s why He brought light to the world.  The word darkness is used as a metaphor for sin. The world was a place that was overcome by sin, and because of this; many were living in despair. They were feeling nothing can change there circumstances, so many had loss all hope. Through Jesus coming, He brought hope, peace, and joy to the world.  Everyone that accepts Him as their savior is able to experience these life changes.  In essence they have the light and realize as long as they trust in Jesus, they will not be overcome by sin (darkness).

Now when we see the lights during this Christmas season, we can rejoice as the people of God. Knowing the light shines in darkness and will not be overcome by it; We are thankful because we no longer have to walk around in darkness.  We now have the light of life, hallelujah!


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