No More Hiding!

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This life we live can become complicated through the various things we have to deal with: the death of loved ones, children being disrespectful, and families splitting due to divorce of parents. When these things happen, we become depressed, angry, and embarrassed. However, we eventually get ourselves together and are able to function again. When sin comes knocking and we open the door to invite it in; That’s when the problems begin because we become tangled in it. We tend to run and hide, because we are humiliated by what we have done. This is exactly what Adam and Eve did, after eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In Genesis 3:8-11, when Adam and Eve heard God walking in the garden they ran and hid among the trees. They are hiding from the One who created and provided everything for them. They did not want to face God because they had offended Him through their disobedient. Through their disobediences they thought God would no longer see any value in them. This is incorrect because God came to see about them. Why, to pick them up and to let them know there is no need to hide. Yes, there were consequences for their action, but God did not forsake them. God wants us to understand nothing can separate us from the love of God, so no more hiding!

What is it that you have done to cause you to go into hiding? You think since you did not follow God’s instructions hiding is your only option. In Genesis 3:9 God came looking for them and said “where are you?” If God was through with Adam and Eve, He would not have come back to the garden. The same is true about you, God is calling but will you answer? God knows where you are, but the choice is yours to come out of hiding. God wants you to come out because there is still work that needs your attention. Yes, there will be consequences for your actions, but God has not devalued you in any way. He wants you to tell yourself “no more hiding!” Be blessed!