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I want to talk with you about potential and we all know someone who has not lived up to theirs. We have gone to school with some that were excellent students, and had opportunities to go to college. But, when we ran into them 10 years later we find out they never went to school and are struggling to make it. We were blown away  because we could see their potential. After we wondered what happened, did someone misguide them? Was it a situation where we were able to see their potential, but they could not see it in themselves?

That’s why I’m excited about what Paul did in Philippians 1:3-11 in sharing with the Church in Philippi. Paul made it a point to let them know they have potential. The seed of potential began to grow once they were saved. Paul wanted to make it clear to them God started their  growth, and He would be with them always. Through their moving forward in their potential, they would produce a harvest. This harvest will happen because of the overflowing love that comes out of them. Why, because they understand how much they are loved by God through the actions of Jesus Christ, and they couldn’t keep this love to themselves. Paul shared and let them know it was his prayer to God, that they would live their lives to the full potential and that they were blessed.

What about you, are you living to your full potential in God? Have you allowed anyone to misguide you into thinking you don’t have potential? Or, you thought you did not have any potential to do anything?  Let me help you understand. There is a seed of potential that God has planted in you, that will remain dormant until you are saved. Once you are saved this seed will begin to grow, and through your relationship with Jesus Christ the nurturing will begin. I want you to know the Lord will reveal to you the potential inside of you. Then before you know it the harvest will begin to grow around you, because of the overflow of love coming out of you!