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Growing up I learned to play sports, and all the sports I played were team related. The one line I would always hear my coaches say “there is no I in team”. They wanted us to understand we must have unity, and do our part then we could be successful. In essence, we had to make the decision to become a community, all focused on one common goal. When you read Philippians 2:1-4, Paul is coaching the Philippians to maintain their unity and become a community of believers that will impact those around them.
In order to accomplish this goal, they had to be of the same mind. I know each one of us is different, but we have all been saved by Jesus Christ. We are learning from the same playbook: the Bible. We are all filled with the Holy Spirit which is guiding us, and we all have the same goal to change lives. When the church functions in this way we become a community of believers. We understand the ministry we are a part of is bigger than we are, and the Lord will satisfy our needs as we help others.
Our theme this year at Broad Rock is “I’m God’s investment”, to let each saint know you have been setup for success. Everything you need to bring returns for God has been given to you; salvation, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and fellow saints. Now, its left up to you to be a part of the community of believers that have a common goal of changing lives for the Lord!