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godmeIf I were to ask people in church to look at themselves and tell me what they see, what would they say?  I would get a number of different responses, because we don’t look the same. However, I am looking for a specific response, and that is do you see Jesus?  This response seems unlikely because we don’t know what Jesus looks like. That is correct, but if our actions are consistent with His, then people will see less of us and more of Him. We need to know people view us from a distance and up close. In Acts 4:13 we read about how Peter and John were identified as being uneducated and ordinary by the religious leaders. Also in that same verse it says they were amazed and recognized them as companions of Jesus.  From a distance they were uneducated and ordinary, but up close they were amazed and recognized they were companions of Jesus. Why, because the way they carried themselves and when they spoke, they used the same words as Jesus.
It doesn’t stop there, you are able to do the things Jesus did.  What are some of the things Jesus did; healed the sick, found the lost, and provided for the needy.  Therefore, these are the things you are capable of doing as well.  In Acts 4:14 we read about a man that had been cured by Peter and John. The religious leaders were not just amazed with Peter and John, but they also had evidence that Jesus was working through them. The amazing thing is this; once you are viewed up close, people will see less of you.  Also,  there will be evidence of how Jesus is working through your life.