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Many years ago I cleared out a small space in my yard and started a vegetable garden. I was truly excited about doing it. After planting all the vegetable, I would water the garden several times during the week. I would also take time to pull up any weeds. After doing all of this work my garden was not growing as I expected. I had someone come by that knew a lot about gardening and he immediately told me what was the problem. The location of the garden was not getting sufficient sunlight. I was disappointed because I did everything I could, but what the garden needed for the vegetables to grow was sunlight.

I wonder if we have people in church working for the Lord, but are not spending much time with Him. They are involved in various ministries, but the only time they read the bible is at service on Sunday. We read in 2 Corinthians 3:17 about where the spirit is, there is freedom. If we are going to grow we must understand we have freedom. We are no longer held back by our sins, because we have been saved by Jesus Christ. Through embracing this relationship we should make every effort to learn as much as possible. As we take the time to learn, then when we are working for the Lord we are growing. Why, because we are applying in our work what we have learned, therefore growth will happen.

Are you working in the church and you feel like you are not growing? How much time do you spend with the Lord? ¬†Remember it’s like the example I gave earlier about my garden. I was doing everything I could to prepare for growth, but I did not take into consideration the most important thing: ¬†sunlight. The same is true about you; how much time are you in the Light? In order to grow, you have to walk in the light.