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In John 5:1-9 we read the story of a man that had been an invalid for thirty-eight years, and  was waiting for the angel to stir the pool.  The reality of this situation is the invalid man was expecting a different result, but was not doing anything different.  When Jesus sees the man, He knew under the current conditions nothing would be different, because the man was incapable of being able to make it to the pool. Jesus engaged the man to make a difference in his condition. The question Jesus asked the man in verse 6 was “do you want to be made well?” The man’s response was, he did not have any help to be first to get into the pool. The man was still focusing on the pool, but Jesus was showing him a different way to be healed.  Jesus tells   the man in verse 8, “stand up, take your mat and walk.”  The man now has to make a choice, to continue on his current path which did not change his situation. Or, adhere to the instructions given by the difference maker.  The man chose to do the latter, because what he was currently doing did not make a difference. Therefore, he embraced the instructions of Jesus and was able to get up and walk.

What about you? Do you see some similarities in your life to the the invalid man by the pool?  Do you keep doing the same things and expect different results?  This is the reason why there are a number of frustrated people in church.  If you want to see things change in your life you have to put your trust in the difference maker.  Jesus did not come into your life for you to continue doing the same thing and expect different results. He came down through 42 generations to make a difference.  Once the difference takes place in your life, Jesus is calling you to be a difference maker. In 2017, I challenge you to allow Jesus to use you to become a difference maker.  Happy New Year!


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