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not-forgottenIn Luke 2:1-20 we have the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Within this story we learn that Joseph and Mary had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  If that is not enough this occurred when Mary was in her ninth month of her pregnancy, and the distance between the two location is about 80 miles.  Before she was pregnant the angel Gabriel called her “favored one”, because she was chosen to carry the savior of the world.  Also, when she went to see Elizabeth she called her blessed. Now nine months later, Mary finds herself in Bethlehem about to go into labor and they don’t have a place to stay.  Do you think Mary is wondering if God has forgotten her?  When you read about the shepherds in the fields tending to the flocks, I wonder if they think society has forgotten all about them?  Because their fellow Jews see them serving one purpose, taking care of the flocks. They are unable to abide by the cleaning rituals because they have to constantly watch over the flocks.  If society sees them as nothing, then God probably sees them the same way.


I want you to know Mary, the shepherds, and you are not forgotten. Jesus had to be born in an open place in order for the shepherds to see Him. Even though the shepherds were in the fields, God saw fit to announce the Savior’s birth to them, and instructed them to come and see for themselves. When they came to Bethlehem they found Jesus and began to tell everybody what the angel had told them. When they left they were praising the Lord for giving them this opportunity, and they realized they were not forgotten.  After Mary saw all that took place, she realized this was how it had to be and she knew that she was not forgotten.
I know you are going through somethings in your life and you feel like the shepherds; society does not care about you. Therefore, why should God care about what you are dealing with? I want you to know you have the greatest gift ever and His name is Jesus Christ!  He came into the world wrapped in cloths and was laid in a manger, in an open place so that all could see Him. Through His birth, God is letting you know you are not forgotten. Jesus came to share the love of God, and show us there is a better way for you in this life. So, it does not matter how many people have forgotten you, God will never forget you!  This Christmas I want you to start thinking about all the Lord has done and you will realize you are not forgotten.  Merry Christmas!!!