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Resurrection Sunday is a reminder to the people of God nothing can keep us down, because our Savior lives!   When Jesus was crucified they thought they had silenced Him forever, once they wrapped Him in linen cloths, placed in the tomb, and rolled the stone in front of it.   This was supposed to be the end of the ministry of Jesus.   Many that saw Jesus perform miracles in their presence were silenced, once He was crucified.  His own disciples went into hiding for fear they would receive the same treatment.  It’s amazing how one negative thing can occur and cause us to forget about all the good that had proceeded it.   Jesus told the disciples what He was going to have to endure, but after three days He would rise again.   However, it was hard for them to recall His words now that He was silenced.

Then I think about the women in Luke 24:1-12, that were on a mission to pay their final appreciation to Him by embalming His body.   Once they arrived at the tomb, the stone was rolled away.  Jesus was gone.  They were perplexed because they saw them place His body in the tomb, but now it’s gone!  I am so grateful we serve a God that will not leave us in a state of confusion.  God sent two messengers to inform and encourage them, and let them know He is risen!  Once they received this good news, they could not keep it to themselves.  They ran to tell the disciples.  When they told them, they did not believe them.  They thought they had lost their minds, but Peter got up and ran to see for himself.

Peter wanted to believe the women and that is the reason why he ran to the tomb.  Once he arrived he saw for himself that Jesus was gone, but the linen cloths He was wrapped in were still there.   He left the tomb amazed with what had taken place. That evening Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples and they no longer would keep silent.   After seeing Jesus resurrected they knew it was time to Live!

What about you, are you still silent about the one that has saved your life?  It’s time to live for Jesus and let people know, He will bring them through whatever is trying to keep them down. You have to remember you have Good News that you can’t keep to yourself.