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In Ephesians 4:11-16, Paul shares the various gifts in the Church and how they are to be used to equip the saints.  Lets start by identifying, who are the saints?  Everyone that accepts Jesus Christ as their savior is a saint.  Some may struggle with this because their lives are not sinless.  Truth be told, none of us are sinless, we continue striving to sin less.  That is why the gifts have been given, so that we will be equipped to transform from a life of sin.  The reason we need to be equipped is because when we came to Christ we were broken.  The process we go through realigns the broken parts so they can heal. Once we are healed, we are equipped to serve.  We serve out of appreciation for what The Lord has done for us.  Once we begin serving, it allows the church to grow in leaps and bounds. We are able to grow because we have unity in Christ.  When people look at the saints, they should be able to see the love of Christ in us.  It does not matter what you did before, but how you are living now.  We have been healed, delivered, and set free by Christ, that’s why you are equipped to serve!

I don’t want you to be content with just attending church on Sunday.  It’s time for you to get involved in ministry and start serving. You have been equipped to serve, which means you are no longer broken.  Jesus Christ has healed, delivered, and set you free.  You are a living testimony of what Christ has done for you.  I challenge you to get started today because you are equipped to serve!