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Today is Palm Sunday when Jesus made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem riding upon a donkey. As He was entering the town, the crowd cut branches from the trees and began to wave them. While others laid their cloaks on the ground before Him, and they were all praising Him. When He entered the town, there were some there trying to understand why were they making all this noise for the One riding on the Donkey. In Matthew 21:10-11, we see Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem created turmoil, causing some to ask “who is this?”. You would think there would be more people that knew about Jesus than those that had no idea who He was. It just goes to show you the more things change, the more they stay the same. Some people are so involved in their own life issues, they are oblivious to what is going on around them. With the miracles He had done from Galilee to Jerusalem, you would think everybody should have heard about Him. The real question is: how many people were telling somebody else about what Jesus had done?

To often the Church wants to criticize people for their choices in life, but are we telling them about Jesus. Therefore, when people see you after Church with a Palm leaf in your hand and a smile on your face. When they ask you why are you smiling and what is that in you hand? You will have an opportunity to tell them about the purpose of the leaf  and the smile on your face.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to praise God for blessing Broad Rock Baptist Church to be able to celebrate our 123rd anniversary today. We give God all the glory, honor, and the praise!