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I believe there are people within the Church that don’t understand the potential they have through their acceptance of Jesus Christ. We have to realize we are no longer liabilities, but we are assets. A liability is something you pay for, but it does not generate any returns. An asset is something you pay for, but it generates returns. 

In John 9:1-11 the disciples see a man who had been blind from birth and raise the question to Jesus, “who sinned this man or his parents”. Jesus tells them neither, “he w

as born blind so that God’s works might be revealed in him” (verse 3). Then Jesus said “We must work the works of Him that sent me while it is day; night time is coming when no one can work” (verse 4). After Jesus said this, He gave sight to the blind man. Prior to the blind man’s encounter with Jesus, he was a liability. However, after receiving his sight, he became an asset, and was able to take care of himself. Also, he became a witness for Jesus Christ, letting everyone know what He did for him. This is how we bring returns for Jesus; by letting others know what He is capable of doing in their lives. 

In order to be an asset for Jesus we all must be willing to work. Prior to knowing Him we were liabilities incapable of bringing returns for God. Now that we are asserts, it’s time to bring returns for God. We will bring returns, because we are God’s investment. We have come to realize if He can change us, He can changes other. Therefore, we will not keep it to ourselves, we have to tell it where ever we go. Are you ready to bring returns for God?