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In Mark 16:1-8 we have his account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mary Magdalene and the other women were on their way to the tomb, and they brought spices to anoint His body. On the way to the tomb they were faced with a problem, how are they going to roll away the very large stone?  What I find interesting that they did not allow this obstacle to stop them from going to the tomb. Their focus was to get to Jesus no matter what, and deal with the problem once they arrive. What excites me about this story is that they were relentless, they wanted to see the process to the end. They saw Jesus beaten, then crucified, then His body wrapped in cloths, and laid in the tomb. When all of this was taking place they had to watch from a distance. Now that He was in the tomb they would have one more opportunity to touch the One that changed their lives. When they arrived at the tomb the stone was rolled away. Therefore, they entered with the expectation of finding Jesus laying there lifeless. Instead, on the right side dressed in white was an angel sitting there, and they were alarmed. The angel shared the good news with them, that Jesus had been raised! They were the first to receive the good news and now they were responsible to share it with the disciples. The God we serve rewards those that diligently seek Him! They would not allow anything to turn them around, because their ultimate goal was to see Jesus! 

The powerful thing about this story is the love these women had for Jesus. Knowing the problem, but they were still driven to get to Him. Turning around and going back was not an option. What about you? Is your love for Jesus driving you to move forward, even though you know there is an obstacle up ahead? I want you to know your love for Jesus will cause you to see the impossible. These women thought the removal of the stone would allow them to anoint Jesus’ dead body with the spices. However, the removal of the stone allowed them to see:  He was risen! Don’t turn away from where the Lord is leading you, because what you will see is not what you were expecting. Hallelujah!