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We are now in the advent season leading up to the birth of Jesus.  This is an exciting time for Christians, because we look forward to celebrating His birth.  Why, because Jesus came to make a difference for the entire world.  He came to save us from our sins, He came to redeem us, and He came to be with us. In Matthew 1:23 we are told Jesus is Emmanuel, which mean “God is with us”. This is what an angel told Joseph in a dream, because he was planning to divorce Mary. He had come to this decision when Mary told him she was pregnant through the work of the Holy Spirit. When you have time, please read Matthew 1:18-25 to get the full story.

The beauty of this story is to remind us that the Lord is with us. When Joseph was told by Mary that she was pregnant and he had not been with her, this was a problem.  Mary was able to tell Joseph, because the Lord was with her.  Joseph did the right thing by staying with his wife, because it was revealed to him Mary was telling the truth.  We can see through this story how the Lord is with His people. Therefore, the people of God ought to praise Him every chance we get, because the Lord is with us.  No matter how rough it gets or we don’t know which direction to go, the Lord is with us and will be with us at all times.  During this advent season, I want us to remember we don’t have to face anything by ourselves, because the Lord is with us!


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