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During the Christmas season many will be thinking about the gifts they received in the past. When they think about them it causes them to smile, because the giver knew what to give them. In Luke 1:46-55 we have Mary’s song of praise to God for selecting her to be the mother of Jesus Christ. What truly amazed Mary was that, the Lord chose her. The way she chose to glorify the Lord was through her song of praise. Thanking the Lord for the opportunity to be used by Him to birth the Messiah, and be responsible for caring and nurturing Him. Also, through this she is letting all the hearers know “the Mighty One has done great things for me!” Mary wants it to be known the Mighty One will do great things for you, if you trust in Him. Causing you to have your own song of praise, because He has done great things for you!

During this advent season the Lord has caused you to smile, because He has given you the gift that you needed. Whenever you think about it, you begin to thank and praise Him. You understand what was done in your life was made possible through the grace and mercy of the Lord. Wherever you go during this Christmas season let it be known, He has done great things for me!