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I want us to think about why Jesus came to earth. When you read Luke 2:1-20 the problems that existed on earth are identified. Joseph and Mary had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be registered. Mary is nine months pregnant, once they arrive in Bethlehem there was no room in the inn. Therefore, they had to stay in a stable where the animals lodge, because no one would help them. Things have not changed from then to now, because people are so focused on themselves. We are so self absorbed we can’t or don’t care to see the needs of those around us. Image if God took this approach, what condition would the world be in? This is a fault the Lord had to look past in deciding to send Jesus to save us. Then we have the outcasts: the shepherds, they were tolerated because they watched over the sheep. They were unable to maintain the cleansing laws, because they had to handle the sheep. The Lord made the initial announcement of the birth of the Savior to them. Even though society saw faults in the shepherds, the Lord chose them to be first.

This is why I’m excited about Christmas, we could have been forgotten because of our faults. However, the Lord looked past our faults and saw our needs. This is what He has done for us, so we lift up our heads and praise Him.  We have a gift that came wrapped in cloths just for us, that will change our lives forever. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!