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34931_He_has_chosen_youWe  are Christians because we have been chosen by God. When we think about all the things that could have taken us out, but they didn’t. That in itself is enough for us to praise the Lord! In Colossians 3:12-17, Paul lets the Christians know they are “God’s chosen ones”.  Can you image how they felt reading these words?  Realizing despite their past, God saw potential in them. They were chosen to make a difference in the world. The way they carry themselves  and how they treat others should change.  They are no longer living for themselves, but they are now living for Jesus Christ. When you are living for Jesus, all that you are doing should be done in love. Colossians are told whatever you do, always give thanks to God through Jesus Christ.

As you look at yourself during the Lenten season, realize what Jesus went through to save you. He knew you were broken and lost. Jesus knew initially you would deny Him, but He did not change His plans. God chose you, to share the Gospel, to be an example, an