Go Get Them!

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In Matthew 18:12-14, Jesus talks about a shepherd that had one hundred sheep.  One of the sheep goes astray and the shepherd leaves the ninety-nine to find the one.  Why would the shepherd even consider leaving the ninety-nine for one?  The sheep that went astray made the decision to separate itself from the rest.  Therefore, that sheep needs to deal with the consequences of its decision.  However, the shepherd sees a sheep that has strayed away and needs to be brought back.  The shepherd understands the danger the sheep is in and wants to get it before it is harmed.  The scripture goes on to say that once the shepherd finds the sheep that went astray, he returns with it rejoicing.

Jesus says in verse 14, “So it is not the will of your Father in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost”.   Wow!  Jesus is telling us that our Father in heaven cares about every life in the world.

Do you know someone who has gone astray and needs to come back?  What is stopping you from going to get them?  Do you realize that if it was you, The Lord would send someone to get you?  Don’t you know that it is through the grace and mercy of God you have not gone astray? This is not the time to say they have to deal with the consequence.  You understand the danger that is waiting for the opportunity to pounce upon them.  That’s why you can’t waste any more time. Go get them!