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dont-give-upIn 2 Corinthians 1:8 – 12, Paul is sharing with the church the afflictions they had to endure in Ephesus. Things got so bad that Paul thought their lives were coming to an end. However, this was another opportunity for the Lord to step in and show them that He has the final say. In this situation, Paul felt that he had received the sentence of death, then he looked to the Lord who is the only one who can bring life from death. The lesson for all of us from this story is to understand the Lord will rescue us even when it appears there is no hope. Also the beauty of this story is that Paul states the Lord will rescue us again and again. Which means no matter how many times we are faced with hopeless situations, we have a God that will rescue us again and again. Hallelujah! In essence the message Paul is relaying to the Corinthians and us as well is don’t give up. This is what I want my fathers’ to know today, no matter how hard it gets; don’t give up. We do have a number of fathers’ that did not give up, and have made many sacrifices for their families. Their children will never really know all that they have done, because they won’t talk about it. The driving force for their actions is they love their families and nothing would cause them to give up. Fathers understand they have a great teacher and that is our Heavenly Father, because He will not give up on His children.

I’m talking to you fathers, do you feel frustrated with how things are unfolding around you? ┬áDo you feel like giving up? You have to remember your children are a gift from God, so make it your business to love them. They might not understand all you do for them, but don’t give up.
I want to say happy Father’s Day, enjoy!