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What-Will-It-TakeIn Psalm 107:1 it says “O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever.”  The writer wants us to show appreciation to the Lord by giving Him thanks.  How do we give thanks? By just shouting thank you, or just waving our hands?  Is that all it takes or is it more to it? Maybe we wait until we receive a financial blessing, then we give thanks? The reason we give the Lord thanks is because He is good and His steadfast love endures forever. This is a concept that some struggle to embrace, because if the Lord is good, why do we have so many bad things happen to us and around us? If His steadfast love endures forever, why can’t we find someone to love us? Maybe the reason why we are still waiting is because we are not doing anything? What will it take for us to let the Lord know we appreciate what He has done? Before we get upset about what we don’t have, let’s give Him thanks for what we do have. What we have is life eternal because we have been redeemed. It says in Psalm 107:2 “let the redeemed of the Lord say so”. We are no longer lost, or beat down by our past, Jesus Christ our Lord redeemed us by giving His life for us. The debt amount owed was beyond our ability to pay, and it would have taken our lives. But Jesus, paid our debt, so that we could be redeemed.

I know right now you may be in need, and waiting for the Lord to bless you. However, what are you doing while you wait? You have to remember you serve a God of action. When Jesus began His public ministry, He was always on the move. He did this to let you know to give thanks to the Lord, even when it appears you have no reason to give Him thanks.  You do because you have been redeemed, and that’s all it takes to give the Lord thanks.