Do You See?

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I wonder how many people in Church are questioning the power and/or the existence of God and Jesus Christ?  This is not how they started, but this is the place they find themselves.  Through life’s situations and circumstances, they question God and His son Jesus Christ. They begin to think if they have made the wrong choice in accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.

Let’s look at John the Baptist.  In Matthew 11:2 – 6 we read about John the Baptist being in prison, and sending his disciples to Jesus.  They were sent to ask Him “Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?”   How did John the Baptist get to the point where he is questioning if Jesus is the Messiah?  In Matthew chapter 3 we read how John the Baptist did not feel worthy to baptize Jesus. Once he baptized him a voice from heaven said “This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” John the Baptist was a witness to this, but now he is not sure.

Let’s look at where he is.  Herod had placed him in prison for calling him out for marrying his brother’s wife.  John was use to the freedom to roam through the wilderness and now he is contained in a prison cell.  In this dark place he begins to question himself and Jesus Christ.  With all John was doing for God , how could he end up in a place like this?  Also, if Jesus is the Messiah,  why has He not come to take him away?  These thoughts lead him to send his disciples to ask this question to Jesus.

Jesus in essence says to John’s disciples, what do you see?  They are able to see the power of God working all around them through people being healed and cleansed.  This is the evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, so they don’t have to wait for another.

I know sometimes life’s situations make us feel like we are in a dark place unable to get out.  When this occurs we have to guard our minds because the enemy will attempt to move doubt in.  However, this is the time you have to remember what you saw Jesus do around you and for you.  By doing this,  you will be able to break out of what is trying to confine you!