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Within our society we see signs to direct the flow of traffic. We see signs to let us know when we are entering a city, and signs to identify the streets. We see signs on the highway letting us know if there is an accident ahead. There are signs to let us know the road ahead is closed and follow the detours to get us around. Signs are indicators that allow us to know where we are, and to let us know where we are going.

In Genesis 9:8-17, God gave Noah a sign to let him know the earth will never be destroyed by a flood again. This was important because Noah, his family, and the animals have exited the ark. The next time it rains, the first thing Noah wants to know is, will it rain for 40 days again before it stops?  God wanted to put Noah at ease by placing the rainbow in the sky to remind him this is a sign from God. The earth will not be destroyed by the water and the rainbow signifies God honoring the covenant He established with Noah. Therefore, when it rains all Noah had to do was look to the sky and see the sign (rainbow) to know God will never destroy the earth again by a flood. When Noah felt the water coming from the clouds he could lookup and see the sign of God’s promise, and knew it would not be long before the rain would end.


The sign for Noah was the rainbow and it still holds true for you today. However, you have another sign that is just for you, because there was a time you were broken by your sins. If nothing had changed in your life,  the sins that have broken you, would have taken your life. But, before it got that far, you lifted up your head and called on the name of Jesus Christ to save you. Since that day your life has not been the same, because you turned everything over to Jesus Christ.  He took a broken life and made it whole, and you see the signs all over your life. Now, I want you to lift up you head and walk in your blessings, and praise the Lord for what He has done. Hallelujah!!!