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The one thing we are all faced with is how do we respond to the mistakes of others. Do we humiliate them by letting everybody know what they have done? Or, do we address them and help pick up the pieces, so that they may go forward. In Genesis 9:20-23 we read about how Noah was drunk, naked, and sleep in his tent, and his son Ham saw him and told his brothers. Once they heard this they immediately took a garment placed it on their shoulders, walking backward they covered him and left the tent. I don’t think this is the way Ham thought they would respond, ┬ábecause this was not how he responded to what he saw.

I want us to examine how the sons of Noah addressed the situation, one chose to expose, two chose to cover. Ham was more interested in exposing his father, why? Think about this, during the time they were building the ark, Noah had his sons assist him. They helped in gathering the animals on the ark, and cared for them during the flood. Noah had his sons take part in this, because this was the will of God, and anytime they wanted to stop they were remind this is what God wants them to do. Ham could see his father being diligent in his work in building the ark, and the care he showed all the animals. When he saw his father drunk, naked, and sleep in the tent he saw a flawed man and wanted his brothers to see him as well. They did not want to keep him exposed, so they covered him. Why? Because they knew he was the reason they were still alive. Their father was chosen by God to preserve his family and all living creatures on the earth. He has now made a mistake, but they choose to cover him. They understood their father loved them and saved their lives, so this was the motivation for their actions.

What about you, how do you deal with people when they make mistakes? Are you quick to reach out to others and expose them? Or, do you reach out to them and cover them. Think about this you were just like Noah naked and exposed, but Jesus came to cover your multitude of sins by giving His life. He saw you at your worst, but gave His best, so that you would not be exposed. Thank you Lord for covering me!